Where’s Our Consultation?

Jonny, along with most local residents, is a fan of Salford City Football Club. However, despite over 600 local residents and numerous local organisations objecting to Salford City FC’s plans to expand the current Moor Lane ground, the Council’s Planning Committee approved them within 2 months.

They did not see fit to organise any consultation with local residents, involve us in discussions on solving the multitude of problems raised nor respond properly to those who had taken the time to write in.

The disrespect shown to residents of Kersal and the unwillingness to involve us in plans for our own community are why Kersal Moor Residents’ Association selected Jonny Wineberg to stand in this by-election.

But this is by no means a single issue campaign. Improving the health of people; ensuring the best educational and employment opportunities; keeping our environment clean and accessible; ensuring care for older and disabled people; developing children and youth provision and many more issues need to be addressed. Jonny is committed to working with local people to address their needs and improve Kersal for all.


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  1. Hi KMRA members . We have almost finished the whole of Upper and Lower Kersal leafletting and next week will be doing the streets in Broughton Park. If you have time to spare to help it would be appreciated. Please contact me, Alice. On aosearle@gmail.com
    We need as much help as you can offer., if we are going to win this election and get a Councillor who cares about Kersal


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